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Academic Essentials: The Virtual Class College Edition

Written by CB Community

College is a period of changes and transitions. It is a point where students are one step away from the real world. To some, it will be the last time of normalcy.

While for the majority, it is a time for gaining opportunities and learning some side bustles.

In addition to the grind of college, the world is still in a period of a pandemic. Schools are not functioning to the fullest.

Limited face-to-face classes are still in the process in different countries. As various universities plan to reopen, most still intend to uphold online courses.

With that said, to keep up with the daily strains of an online class and academic load, we offer you an outline of some aspects that you need to consider when you are in a new environment:

Study Environment

Making decisions is hard. It takes a lot of things to consider when choosing the right university and course for you to hold on to for years to come.

Hence, weighing your pros and cons could help you ease some burden. Slowly differentiate what you want for what you need right now.

Let your mind decide what is best, and if you are looking for a prospect to play your cards right. To do that, it’s best that you get accommodation that’s near your college.

For example, if you’re considering getting into the 6 big universities around Sydney, it’s best you get the best student accommodation Sydney has to offer.

These places are ready to offer you everything. It ranges from affordability and convenience to all-inclusive advantages of living independently.

In addition to that, they also offer diverse types of rooms, from shared apartments or flat sharing to studio-type and one-bedroom apartments.

They also partner with different Sydney Universities, and more importantly, their villas are centrally situated.

Vital Role

Moving from one area to another is quite challenging work. It is always a hassle to sort the things you need, and sometimes you stash them away in a corner for a long time when you get busy changing addresses.

For instance, there are things worth considering to avoid clutter, and the first is to determine the value and usefulness of the stuff you will be bringing.

Only bring the essentials, to specify, like laptops and tablets for educational purposes and wire organizers for your cables. You don’t have to bring unnecessary things to your dorm to have fun because the outside is a world of possibilities.

Different people have different priorities, particularly in college. However, building rapport within the community could lessen the burdens of academics.

Every event and celebration within and outside the campus could be an opportunity for you to widen your world and connect with the wonderfully diverse culture of life.

Google and Website Extensions

In order to enhance and elevate your online class experience, there are things worth downloading on the world wide web.

For instance, Google extensions have various options you can choose from. It can vary from self-care and reminder apps like Coffeelings and Momentum to organizing apps such as OneTab and AlphaText.

Moreover, it is ideal to start the semester with your own digital note-taking system to monitor your progress and lessons.

There are also websites available for you to subscribe to, such as Notion, OneNote, Google Keep, EverNote, Apple’s App, and Simple Note. On the other hand, you can also practice traditional writing in reviewing your future examinations and tests.

Essentials go beyond tangible things. It enters a new dimension to cater to the people, especially students, in these challenging times.

Academic necessities take part in the enhancement of students and learners alike.

Educational Ergonomics

As humans delve deeper into the internet and through the pandemic, blurring boundaries happens. Normal life in 2019 is different from the new normal of 2021. It is when the workload from academics and life at home slowly intertwine in a state of stress.

There are ways to facilitate factors to reduce pressure and tension, for instance, creating a rule to eat and work in separate places.

Setting boundaries between different aspects of your life will always start with you.

It is also equally important to practice proper sitting and routine exercise between breaks to reduce muscle strains.

Moreover, it would be best to invest in ergonomically sound pieces of equipment for your online class. Say no to bad habits and bad posture.


Making significant decisions is hard, especially if it is a pivotal moment that could shift your life from a 360-degree angle.

College is the final stage of normalcy, where students are one step away from the real world. Thus, your future life is in your hands.

Finding the right path can be challenging, or it can be thrilling. Despite the differences, we all move forward at different paces in life. It is okay to be fearful and confused at the same time. Your feelings are valid.

No matter what you accomplish, always recall this feeling because the uncertainty of the past is the nourishment for your future progress.

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