Make Your Next Four Years in College a Success

First-year college students are beginning to settle in. We wish you the best of luck on your college career. But, we also want you to be a wise scholar! Today, a college degree is not all that is needed for a successful future. You next four years in college should be a time of study and learning, but you should consider more.

Here is some advice for college students to use their time as best they can:
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College Students: Summer Job or Summer Classes?

Money is always an issue for most college students. When summer rolls around, it can offer time to get a job to save for expenses and to help defray student loans and their costs. But, is it always a good idea to work all summer?
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College Students Can Be Given More than Cash

Parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends are giving gifts to high schools graduates as they prepare to head off to college in the fall. An average graduation gift is $78, and from parents cash gifts average around $120. In all, about 5.6 billion dollars are given each year to high school graduates!

Maybe you shouldn’t be giving cash. Those dollars can be put to better use. Here are some more interesting ways to gift soon-to-be college students.
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What a College Freshman Should Know

It’s a new adventure, but it can be scary too—landing on a college campus for the first time in your life! Here are some things to keep in mind as you transition to college so it won’t be so scary.
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Choosing a Major

College is about your future, BUT your future in what? Everyone who goes to college must think about a major. Although in most colleges the first two years are devoted to general education courses before deciding on a major, having an idea about what you will major in can help guide you in course selection.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your major.
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Why Community College?

Many students seem bound for Ivy League colleges, or at least private colleges. Others look to large public universities. One kind of post-secondary education that gets overlooked is the community college system.

But, there are many good reasons why students should consider a community college.
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Making College Affordable

When you are searching for colleges, it’s best to look with an eye to cost efficiency. After all, why get a degree to make money and end up owing money?

The average annual tuition of a private college is $30,097. That cost can add up even with grants and scholarships. Public schools are, of course, the most affordable, especially for in-state students. The average in-state tuition for public colleges is $8,836. Out-of-state tuition costs average $22,203, but some public colleges can be affordable for out-of-staters.
Here are a few:
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Best Strategies for Taking College Entrance Exams

One class has now been accepted to college. But, already the high school seniors-to-be are thinking about next year’s college applications. Part of that process is taking one or both of the major College Entrance Exams, the ACT or the SAT.

Here are some tips to be successful on your SATs and ACTS, whether or not you are taking them in the spring or in the fall, whether or not you are taking them for the first time or are retaking them.
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Good College Writing Skills

Writing well is one of the most important skills used in higher education. Unfortunately, many high school students still make writing mistakes that are unacceptable as they transition into college.

Here are some writing tips that will help you avoid writing errors and improve your writing communication for college.
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More Improvements for the 2017-2018 Common Application to College

The Common Application is a popular way students apply to college on one form, and the Common Application continues to evolve. In addition to the prompt changes this year, there are other additions to help students.

Here are some improvements for the Common Application this year.
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Graduating from College? How to Write a Cover Letter

The cover letter is not a formality. It is your first chance to stand out among those you’re vying with for a job. Employers do not look at your resume first; they look at your cover letter first, and that’s where you give them your fist impression.

So how do you make a good first impression through your cover letter? Here are some tips.
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