Make Your Next Four Years in College a Success

First-year college students are beginning to settle in. We wish you the best of luck on your college career. But, we also want you to be a wise scholar! Today, a college degree is not all that is needed for a successful future. You next four years in college should be a time of study and learning, but you should consider more.

Here is some advice for college students to use their time as best they can:
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Taking College Finals for the First time

Going off to college in the fall is a big transition. There is a lot to think about: meeting new people, adjusting to dorm life, learning where your classes are, getting to know your professors; it goes on and on. One thing to think about is your first semester classes and new content along with the need for different learning styles. After your first 15 weeks, you will experience your first college final.

Here are some things to help you through that transition.
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How to Make the Best of Your Campus Visit

An important step in deciding where to apply to college is the college visit. Seeing and being are the best ways to decide where you will be comfortable continuing your education and what is the best fit for your learning and living styles.

Here are some tips for making the college visit work for you.
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New Scoring on the ACT Writing Test

The ACT Writing Test is basically the same. It will still be scored on four criteria call the four domains: ideas/analysis, development/support, organization, and language use/convention. Still two readers will evaluate the writing, and each domain will still be graded on a 2-12 score range. The overall or final reporting score will still be the average of the four domain scores.

But, there will be a difference. That change will be in the reporting of the final writing score, starting in September of 2016. Instead of the final score reported on a scale of 1-36, the score will now be reported on the 2-12 scale, 12 being perfect, not 36.
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Travel Scholarships to Visit Colleges

All college applicants should visit a college campus before applying and certainly before accepting an admissions offer. However, visiting all the colleges on your list or visiting colleges that are all the way, or even half way, across the country can be expensive. If you cannot afford to visit a campus, there are other ways to explore a college’s potential, online for instance. Still being there and sensing the atmosphere, talking to students and faculty, and seeing the dorms as well as the surrounds of the campus are important factors to determine the appropriate fit. College is expensive. You should always take all the opportunities to gauge what is the best college choice for you.

With that in mind, here are some colleges that offer both full travel expenses or help with those expenses. These programs are competitive, and they have application deadlines. Each listing is for the year 2016.
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Stay in Touch with Your College over the Summer

You are on summer break! Well-deserved, and enjoy it! Still,…you may be starting to feel a bit bored or you may be a little stressed thinking about “getting academic” again in just two months and re-acclimating.

Here are some ways you can be off campus and still feel connected.
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The College Application Essay: A Very Important Piece of your Application

Maybe you’re focused on building your resume with activities, awards, work, experiences, travel, and volunteerism. Perhaps you are studying to take your SAT or ACT tests. You may be working to get the best GPA yet—all in preparation to get that college admission notification by spring.

But, you might have overlooked something, one of the most important parts of your college application–the college essay. Or, should I mention ESSAYS!

What? I have to write more than one essay. Yes, that could be. Here are essays many colleges have you write to as part of your application.
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Advice for College Freshmen

It’s totally new! The fall of your first year in college can be a huge adjustment. To make the most of your college experience you have to take some steps on your own.

Here is some advice for college freshmen to help make their new college community a home.
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College is Accessible for Everyone

Is getting into a top-ranked college the only option for success? What if you can’t pay for a selective college education, or what if you don’t know what career you’re aiming for? What then?


There are really many possibilities for you still. Here are some myths about going to college in order to have a successful life.
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The Job Market for College Graduates

There is both good and bad news for job prospects for college graduates. Which do you want first?

Let’s start with the bad news.
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The Summer Before your First Year in College

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Yes, the summer after graduation from high school is not just fun and games. It is the best time to prepare for a successful four years in college.
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