Make Your Next Four Years in College a Success

First-year college students are beginning to settle in. We wish you the best of luck on your college career. But, we also want you to be a wise scholar! Today, a college degree is not all that is needed for a successful future. You next four years in college should be a time of study and learning, but you should consider more.

Here is some advice for college students to use their time as best they can:
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MIT’s New Approach to College Admission

MIT is beginning a pilot admission program (Fall 2015) called an inverted admission process. The MIT pilot is for admission to a master’s degree in supply-chain management. And, this pilot may well change admission to both graduate and undergraduate college admissions. Read the rest of this entry »

Job Advice for Recent College Graduates

Job hunting is as competitive as getting into college. Here we go again! With a few job hunting tips, recent graduates might find job hunting and application less daunting. Here are three tips we think are important.
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Help with Two Important College Interview Questions

College interviews are used to determine your fit with a college and its fit with you. College interviews are not about auditioning you as student; you do not have to prove your ability and credentials—those are all in your application. Therefore, your best approach to the college interview is to take measure of yourself and know what you want from a college experience as well as to take measure of the college. You are interviewing to learn if the college is the right setting for you.
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Emotional Well-being Important for a Transition into College

What is emotional readiness for college? Emotional readiness is indicated by several qualities including the ability to form new relationships, flexibility to adapt to new situations, and handling negative emotions in a positive way.
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New Help to Get Into More Selective Colleges for Everyone

A new coalition of 80 colleges including 8 Ivy Leagues has formed with the idea of making college more accessible to underprivileged and low income students. The group has named itself the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success.
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Some Advice for Writing your College Essay

Writing the college application essay is hard. It is not like any essay you have written for a high school English class: it’s not a five-paragraph essay, it’s not a persuasive essay; and it’s not an analysis. It’s just about you, with the pronoun “I” and all.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for writing this essay that might help you over your writing block.
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Good and Bad Reasons to Transfer from One College to Another

You may be just starting out in college for the first time or you may be a second-year college student. Both these years are transitional years, and some students feel they have made a bad college choice. There is always the option of transferring to another college after the first semester, after the third semester, or during the summer between semesters. However, make sure the reasons for your going through the transfer process outweigh reasons for staying at the college you are enrolled in.


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College Applicants, There were Changes over the Summer

You may have started your college application process early in your junior year, but over the summer there were some changes. Here are a few for 2016 high school graduates.
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The Best College Admission Essays

Not many student applicants to college know what to write when it comes to doing their college admission essay. Yes, the Common Application offers prompts to get you started, but they are wide-open, and many students wonder how to approach them.

Also, because of the stress of knowing there is a lot of competition to get into college, many applicants think they have to impress. They also think impressing means writing about big events that make big statements.

We suggest just the opposite.
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The College Fair: Your Tool for Choosing a College

There are so many colleges out there, you shouldn’t just apply blindly. Instead, you should be looking at a variety of colleges, near and far, for the right fit for you. The easiest and least expensive way to check out a range of colleges is at a college fair. There are local fairs at your school or city conference center, and there are virtual fairs, both close to home and convenient.

In order to utilize a college fair well, here are some pointers.
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