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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Student Housing

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As a college student, living in student housing can significantly improve your life. Unlike regular rentals, student housing allows you to mingle with fellow students and have access to valuable support networks. Student housing can also help you save money and become more independent.

You’ll get to enjoy many perks when you live in student housing. But, with the number of choices available today, do you know which type to pick? This is an important decision to make because where you choose to live when you become a college student can affect your academic performance and the quality of your life in the long run.

Before you look for a college housing complex move-in list, always consider the following factors when choosing a student housing first:

1. Internet Connection

Having a fast and stable internet connection is a must for college students. They’ll need to have an internet connection 24/7. This will be important for all research assignments and or any papers that might be due. An internet connection is also important for students to continually communicate with their families back home.

When choosing student accommodation, don’t forget to check if the facility has a strong internet connection. You can do this by researching on the student housing you’ve shortlisted or ask from previous tenants.

2. Location

Before you get carried away by the affordability of a specific student housing building, make sure to consider its location first. The proximity of the student housing to the university you’re attending is a crucial deciding factor. Cheap student housing that’ll require you to travel at least an hour to get to your school can cause a lot of stress and expenses.

Whenever possible, choose student housing that’s near your university. Aside from being convenient and cheaper, in the long run, student housing situated near your university can also help motivate you to study because you have an accessible location. This is especially important if you have idle time between classes.

3. Home Comforts

If you’ve been staying under the same roof for years, living in student housing can be a new and different experience for you. The responsibilities required when you move to a student housing can also put too much pressure on a student.

For you to easily adapt to your new environment, look for student housing that offers a similar level of comfort that you had when you were at home. Your college life might require you to mingle with new people, but the adjustment can become a breeze if you still get to do the things you did back home.

Are you accustomed to staying alone in your bedroom? Choose to stay in student housing without any roommates. But, if you do like some company, you can also opt for larger sized student housing with several students sharing the room with you.

4. Security

You’ll be keeping a lot of things inside your housing. More often than not, you’ll leave your laptop, cash, and other valuables in your room when you attend your classes. But, how can you possibly concentrate in class if you’re unsure of the security in and around your home?

Before signing a contract and paying for the lease, spend some time to check the security of the student accommodation you’re eyeing.

Does it have CCTVs around the building? What kind of locks does your room have? Are there any security guards patrolling around the grounds?

The more security measures the housing has, the better.

5. Convenience

You’ll be staying in student housing for months, which means that aside from regularly attending your classes, you also have to buy your own groceries and pay for medicines whenever needed.

If you want to experience convenience when you start to live in student housing, look for nearby establishments in the area. The student housing you choose should be accessible to supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals. If possible, these should be open 24/7 since college students usually end their classes late during the day.

Start Early

Aside from knowing what factors to consider when choosing student housing, it’s also essential to know when you’re going to start your search.

Ideally, you should start as early as January as some student housing facilities already offer rooms at this time of the year. You can also scout for student housing in spring or summer as housing fairs are common during these seasons.

Avoid looking for student housing during July to August because these are busy months. Make sure to start your search early so you won’t run out of options and pay for overpriced student housing. There are plenty of great college living options you an consider. So take your time to make a good decision.

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