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The 8 Most Common Things College Students Forget

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Whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year of college, there are always so many little details that go into your move-in process. Between packing all of your clothes and bedding, there’s plenty of room for forgetfulness. Even outside of the packing process, it’s easy to forget important dates and to-do tasks when you’ve got academia applying pressure to your already-busied headspace.

In need of a quick refresher of the things you’ve likely already forgotten to do or purchase? We’re here to run you through the list of the 8 most common things college students fail to remember.

1. Trash Can

Though it’s fair to assume the school will supply your dorm room with a trash can, most don’t! Fortunately, small trash cans are incredibly easy to come by in the back-to-school section of any department store, and they won’t cost you much more than $10.

2. Water Bottle

Buying plastic water bottles is wasteful, and in an age where the effects of climate change make themselves constantly evident, doing more to help the environment goes a long way. Instead of buying those massive bulk packs of water, purchase an insulated water bottle that fits easily inside your backpack.

3. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Just because you’re away at school doesn’t mean the holidays that celebrate your parents disappear. Remembering Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is as simple as marking your calendar. Showing your appreciation for the people who raised you and ensured you were able to get the best education and live the happiest and healthiest life should always be at the top of your priority list, especially on these designated appreciation days. As the dates come closer, make sure to keep an eye out for 2020 Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s day gifts.

4. Drying Rack

If you’re paying to do your laundry at school, you can save a lot of money by skipping the drying process. A foldable drying rack is an excellent investment if you’re looking to keep your piggy bank stocked and your clothes normal-sized.

5. Power Surge

You’ll never truly realize how many devices you need plugged in until you only have 2 outlets to work with and four dead batteries that need charging. Rather than running around looking for a portable charger to bring your smartphone or laptop back to life, outfit your dorm room with a power strip that features at least four individual outlets. If your dorm room is short on available outlets, you may even consider investing in an extension cord that increases your wires’ reach.

6. First-Aid Kit

Though there’s nothing particularly dangerous about going to and from class or participating in your choice of extra-curricular activities, accidents happen. Having a handy first-aid kit that can adequately treat scrapes, burns, cuts, and aches will give you the peace of mind you need whenever those accidents arise. Save yourself a trip to health services when all you need is some bacitracin and a band-aid.

7. HDMI Cord

If you’re like most people, you depend on your Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime subscription to keep you connected with your favorite movies and TV shows. While binge-watching alone in your bed is a comfortable and cozy way to wind down, using your laptop screen to watch with friends likely won’t suffice.

Connecting to a larger TV screen via an HDMI cord makes projecting from your computer incredibly easy. Schedule movie nights with floor-mates or bond with your roommate over classic TV episodes—having that HDMI connection may be the device you need to spark a new friendship!

8. Mattress Topper

Odds are pretty good that the bed you’re given in a dorm room isn’t the most luxurious or plush cushion in the world. Without some added help from Bed Bath and Beyond or Target, you’ll quickly find yourself dealing with uncomfortable, sleepless nights on what feels like a plastic bed made for plastic dolls. A memory foam mattress is the easiest way to transform an uncomfortable Twin XL into a sleep haven that feels like home.

Did we miss anything? What commonly forgotten items do you make sure to have on your packing list? Let us know in the comments below!

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