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Written by CB Experts

The American teenage population is increasing. At the same time, colleges have expanded their markets to reach global students and have fewer slots for American Teenagers. What do these stats mean? It is harder and harder to get into American selective colleges today than ever, and not only because the college application pool has become more competitive.

But, there are ways to think about applying to colleges without starting off with a negative attitude. There are positives about the college world of application today, too.

First, research suggests that students with the same SAT scores will earn the same average income, no matter where they go to school, Harvard or NYU. There is one exception, and that is for students who come from low income families. They have a harder time to break into good income jobs even with high SAT scores. They should seek entrance to the more selective colleges.

Although there are fewer openings at selective colleges, overall there are more slots for students at excellent colleges. The reason is with more applications and more students applying to college, regional colleges have expanded and become more nationalized.

More colleges opening their doors to more applicants has had another positive effect. Colleges are expanding their programs and their offerings, becoming more competitive. No longer is there just one college for the best students; there are many that will fit the needs and interests of a wide variety of students.

The short of it is, there is more competition for spots in the top colleges, but there are more colleges and more opportunities for students looking to do well and prepare for their futures.

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