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Did You Get Into Your First Choice College?

Written by CB Experts

By May 1 most know where they are going to college this fall. Some of you were probably disappointed.

But—does where you are admitted to college define success? Not necessarily. Maybe there’s a fuller sense of success in good health and character and in learning for learning sake, not for the college transcript.

For example, resiliency is part of good health. To be resilient you have to learn to cope with ups and downs. Pride is part of character. Perhaps you should be proud of what you did accomplish to get into a college. Getting into that first choice college is many times the luck of the draw, and that shouldn’t devalue what you are and have done.

In fact, now is the time to turn to finding success where you have been accepted. Are you a person who is able to work hard and create your own success?

It may be difficult for you now, but later you will see that things like feeling healthy, having compassion, and having self -worth are much more important than where you went to college. Also, the class lessons will never stick with you as much as the things you learned doing what you loved.

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