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Help for Athletes Applying to College

Written by CB Experts

Student athletes who are beginning the college application process should know how to promote themselves and increase their chances for being recruited to the college of their choice.
We suggest you start early by getting in touch with the coach first so you are showing initiative and determination. Don’t wait for coaches to contact you; they may not!

To begin:
• Search for colleges and make sure you are eligible for admission. After your search, prepare a list of colleges you will apply to.
• Next write your resume. For a sample athletic resume see College Basics.
• Then create a highlight video and a website where you can place it along with pictures of you playing.

Now you are ready to contact coaches!
• Never mass email coaches; always write personal emails.
• Create a cover letter for each coach. The cover letter should have a salutation using the coach’s name. It should also reference any recent game activity the coach has had with a congratulations or a mention of seeing the game. You should also highlight any specific talents or accomplishment you have: high grades, special training, awards. Write so you stand out and you make a good first impression.
• Do not put pictures of yourself in the body of the email or attach them. Spam filters may kick you out of the coach’s email. Instead use links to your website.

Make sure in your email that you provide details of your upcoming schedules, both times and dates, and invite recruiters to come to see you. Also make sure you provide your jersey number.

Always remember you are one of hundreds of students writing to these coaches. Make sure you seem like a real person who is genuinely cares about the college team and what you can contribute.

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