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How to Use Technology at College

Written by CB Experts

Students are certainly tech-savvy these days, but are they sure which technology will help and which will hurt them in college?

Here are some good ideas about using technology to improve your college experience along with a few cautions.

Sign up for Dropbox.

This is a free online service you can use to save any of your computer work, actually your whole hard drive, so you can access it anywhere at anytime. You can go home or to a friend’s apartment and still work on your assignments. Dropbox will also update for you with one click.

Download GoodReader for an iPhone.

This app allows you to read any Microsoft Word document or PDF so you can access journal articles without stopping by the library.
(Don’t avoid the library all together.)

Use your university’s email account.

You will get a lot of irrelevant and boring mail, but you will also get many important notices, recommendations for studying and reading, and even interesting invites to film series, guest lectures, and concerts.

Email your professors for any help with assignments you need or to ask questions.

You can stay in touch, show interest, and get extra help at your fingertips.
(Don’t use text speak in these emails.)

Follow your professors’ tweets.

Often you can pick up good hints and extra information for your course.
(But never tweet about your professors or their courses, unless what you write is positive.)

Go to Wikipedia.

It can help if you haven’t read for your course, to introduce you to a subject you know nothing about, or to explain something you find hard to grasp.
(Don’t think Wikipedia can substitute for reading and studying, that it is always correct, and that everyone else in your class hasn’t read the same entry as you.)

Buy noise canceling headphones.

Then you will be able to study anywhere, in noisy dorms and even at parties.

Do use your college’s computer labs and campus computer banks.

Take your flashdrive or use your Dropbox to work there if you are having difficulty with your own computer.
(Don’t’ think a computer crash or a problem with your printer is any excuse at college today.)

Buy a Dictaphone.

You can record your lectures for review and for clarification,
(Don’t think the Dictaphone will allow you to skip a lecture or sleep through it!)

Technology is a great tool, but you still have to be a good student to use it properly.

Hope these suggestions help.

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