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How You Can Demonstrate Interest in Your Favorite College Choice

Written by CB Experts

Colleges do keep track of interest demonstrated by students who are applying to their school. They wants students who will accept their admission offer so they weigh students’ interest as part of their admission process.

Here are some ways to show a school you want to go there and also increase your chances for admission.

Apply early. Choose Early Action over Early Decision. You will show you have a preference for the college, but you will still be able to accept another college’s admission offer.
Always request information from the college. The trick is, though, to follow up with additional questions about something you have learned from these materials.
Make a personal connection to an admission representative. Whenever you request information or ask a question, make sure to get the name of the individual you speak with. Then ask for that individual in further contacts and make sure to always thank the individual with a quick email and/or thank-you note.
Visit campus. This shows interest, too, but it also allows you to make other personal contacts such as with professors and students on campus. Attend a class and stay overnight in a dorm—Network!
Ask for an interview. If the college does not require an interview, ask for an on-campus interview so someone there can get to know you face-to-face. Don’t forget to prepare your interview answers!
Ask admissions for a contact with a recent alumnus from their college. Ask about academics and college life, and then keep up contact. This person could be an advocate for you.

The whole idea is to show you are committed to the college. You also are increasing your chances of making a good impression so be sure to be polite, business-like, and a good communicator.

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