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New Partnership Offers Easy Path for International Students to Obtain University Degrees

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Many international students move to the United States with the dream of eventually being accepted into a prestigious U.S. university.

However, making that dream a reality isn’t always easy, especially if the student is struggling to learn English.

This is where intermediate educational institutions can make a difference. While some focus solely on English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, others—like Computer Systems Institute (CSI)—strive to benefit students in more ways than just teaching English proficiency.

What is the Computer Systems Institute?

Founded nearly 30 years ago, CSI is an academic institution that provides its students with career development and skills training in addition to ESL instruction.

In conjunction with college-level coursework, students at CSI receive hands-on experience, enjoy in-field externships, and immerse themselves in training in critical thinking, ethics, and theory.

Over the past three decades, the institute has helped thousands of international students obtain the training they need to not just earn admission at U.S. universities but also have successful, rewarding careers in business, computer networking, web application development, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

A New Partnership and New Opportunities

Now, thanks to a new partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU), CSI students have additional options to choose from, including pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

IWU, a Christian, non-profit university committed to global liberal arts and professional education, is part of the Wesleyan university system that includes IWO-Marion, IWU-National and Global, and Wesleyan Seminary.

“The CSI-IWU partnership is incredibly exciting,” says Julia Lowder, CEO of the Computer Systems Institute. “Our institutions have been providing solutions to domestic and international students for decades. Together, we have connected forces to provide a one-of-a-kind solution to students that focuses on key areas of academic and career development.”

At its core, the partnership enables CSI students and alumni to easily transfer the credits earned while at CSI to the bachelor-level programs at IWU. CSI F-1 international students will also receive lower-cost tuition at the university, allowing them to meet their educational goals more affordably than at other educational institutions.

“Through the CSI-IWU partnership, we will be uniquely positioned to provide students with exactly what they need exactly when they need it,” Lowder says. “Students will have options to begin their journey studying ESL, continue to certificate programs, as well as a wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It is our collective goal to provide international students with an affordable, flexible, and convenient structure to reach their academic and professional goals.”

Carson Castleman, Vice President of Student Experience at Indiana Wesleyan University, says, “The IWU-CSI partnership is an outstanding opportunity for both institutions to help provide quality education in each of their prospective disciplines. This partnership helps bring two strong education providers together with the common goal of advancing students with innovative learning opportunities that set the foundation for them to become world changers.”

CSI and IWU have already begun their collaborative work, and students will be able to begin taking advantage of the partnership as early as the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year.

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