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More Improvements for the 2017-2018 Common Application to College

Written by CB Experts

The Common Application is a popular way students apply to college on one form, and the Common Application continues to evolve. In addition to the prompt changes this year, there are other additions to help students.

Here are some improvements for the Common Application this year.

1. Now students can share the progress of their application with people outside their high school counselors and teachers. The application form will now be accessible to community-based organizations that offer help in college application as well as to private advisors. This enables everyone to be on one page and keep track of the process.

2. If you and your parents speak Spanish as a first language, the Common Application will be translated into Spanish for you to better understand the whole process as well as help you apply for financial aid and with virtual mentoring.

3. If you have to self-report your high school academic records, there is a new section on the Common Application called Courses & Grades to streamline self-reporting.

4. If your documents (recommendations, resumes, school assignments) are on Google Docs/Google Drive, you can now share them and download them directly to your Common Application with the Common App’s new Google Drive integration. This will also help students without a personal computer by allowing them to more easily use libraries and school computers for their college applications.

The Common Application is now more available. It helps students apply to college, look for financial aid, and explore scholarship options. With these new improvements it becomes more and more accessible to more and more students.

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