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New Help on the Scholarship Front

Written by CB Experts

Acceptance letters come in May!  Then right after acceptance letters come, reality sets in as you decide which college you can actually afford. Grants will be offered from some schools, along with merit scholarships; but student loans and private loans will also come to bear on your decision. What really helps out is if you can amass scholarship money. Like grants, scholarship dollars do not have to be repaid and will not be part of that “ton o’ bricks” debt that comes with your diploma.

And, luckily there are thousands of scholarships out there to for every individual’s talents and aspirations. Some are so specific they don’t even have a huge pool of applicants to compete against; some are rare and almost unknown. The problem is finding the right scholarship(s) for you. It can be like finding a needle in haystack.

College Basics is always looking for and recommending sites that help college applicants, and we have found one college scholarship site that will help you in your scholarship hunt, a hunt well worth pursuing. is easy to use and provides you with very detailed and tailored information. The site profiles a new scholarship each day and includes the scholarship’s requirements, links for you to use to check the scholarship out, and all the necessary contact information. The scholarships are all current so you won’t find the perfect scholarship only to see the deadline is past due. Use this link to preview a page at the site.

Note that the whole week’s scholarships are also listed and archived. This site is totally free, and you can follow it by email subscription or through Face Book or Twitter to keep updated on possible scholarships that will fit your needs. Graduate scholarships are also profiled.

Here’s your chance to find a more affordable route to the college of your choice in an easy and timely way. And, remember, juniors AND sophomores, start looking for scholarships now—it’s never too early.

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