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No Aid? No Acceptance?

Written by CB Experts

Some of you may find yourselves in a bad situation. You have been accepted to a college(s), but you have not received any aid or not enough aid to allow you to attend. Some of you may also find yourselves without any acceptance at all. What does this mean, no college in the fall?

Not necessarily. You can still apply elsewhere; you do not have to wait out another year.

The best plan is to work with your high school guidance counselor or find a good college admissions counselor. These professionals know which schools will still accept applications for this fall, and they know which schools have not yet filled their incoming freshman class.

Both liberal arts colleges and large public university accept late applications, sometimes offering good financial aid packages even now. Schools that have not yet filled their classes for the fall are also open to applications but may have used most of their financial aid monies.

In addition, you might want to check out our post, Top 10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Financial Aid, for other alternatives you might want to consider.

The trick here is not to despair but at the same time beat the May 1 deadline for laying your deposit down on schools that have accepted you.

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