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Reactions to the New SAT

Written by CB Experts

March, 2016, was the first time college-bound students took the revamped SAT. What did students think of the new test? A clue might be in what they shared on social media afterward.

Here are some of their takes on taking the SAT:

  • Students felt tired after the test. One reason might be they felt the reading passages were too long. They also had more reading to do in the math section. Many commented that each section of the test seemed long.
  • Six to one preferred the new SAT to the old.  Seventy-five percent said the new test tested what they had been learning in school.
  • Many felt the math section was both easier and more relevant.
  • Most also did not like the No Calc Section in math.
  • Most agreed the vocabulary words were more familiar and more applicable to real life in the new test.

There is plenty of free online practice to help you get your feet wet before taking it.

Good luck, everyone!

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