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Stay in Touch with Your College over the Summer

Written by CB Experts

You are on summer break! Well-deserved, and enjoy it! Still,…you may be starting to feel a bit bored or you may be a little stressed thinking about “getting academic” again in just two months and re-acclimating.

Here are some ways you can be off campus and still feel connected.

1. Stay in touch with your college friends. Connecting to friends from college will make you feel less bored and keep you in touch for a familiar return to your campus in the fall. Visit friends close by to you. If your friends live far away, plan a road trip even for a weekend. Don’t forget you can also meet friends at a central location, too.
2. Check out your college calendar and visit its Facebook page. On Facebook you can chat with friends and classmates. At the website check on the calendar for an event or two you might revisit campus for. If you can’t visit the ole campus, at least keep up with what is happening over the summer and what will be happening when you return for your fall semester.
3. Volunteer to welcome the next class. This is a great way to help your college. Agree to mentor incoming-freshmen via the internet. You might also be able to get into your dorm early in the fall to greet the first-year students. This experience will look good on your resume, and it will allow you to connect to college personnel, faculty, and students to broaden your community at college.
4. Take a class over the summer. You might be able to commute or you might take a class online. This is a way to stay academic and get more credits sooner, saving money.

The more you think ahead and prepare yourself to return to campus, the easier it will be, making your time away more productive and maybe even more enjoyable.

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