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Tools for Finals

Written by CB Experts

Finals week is chaotic to say the least – exams, papers, group projects, and those ever-present distractions which attempt to lure you away from your studies. Don’t stress, young scholar, has a few tips that will enable you to master the art of preparation and bring that migraine down to a faint numb.

1. Prioritize: don’t neglect your brain and body by skipping a meal or depriving yourself of sleep. Stay organized and use study-tools so that you can be prepared without wasting time.

stream•line – to alter in order to make more efficient or simple.
2. Mobilize: don’t confine yourself to a stuffy dorm-room. Mobile apps now provides numerous resources you can pull from your back-pocket, whether you are holed up in the library, or cramming in the back seat during a road trip.

Swiss army knife a small knife with blades and other tools, such as a nail file and corkscrew, all folding into the handle.
3. Flashcards: when it comes to memorizing those complex vocabulary words that inevitably make their way into your multiple-choice exams, visualization and repetition are essential. This time-tested technique has been automated by in order to maximize one’s study time and ensure retention of information.

re•gur•gi•tate to give back or repeat, esp. something not fully understood or assimilated: to regurgitate the teacher’s lectures on the exam.
4. Expand: If you need to give that term paper an extra kick to really grab your professor’s attention, sauce-up your syntax by using a thesaurus. This is the number one tool for eliminating redundant phrases and adding an extra flair of sophistication to any written piece.

e•lab•o•rate (adj.) worked out with great care and nicety of detail; executed with great minuteness: elaborate preparations; elaborate care. (verb) to work out carefully or minutely; develop to perfection.

Contributed by Whitney Moses of MSR Communication, LLC. Whit reminds us of the value of an online dictionary that has multiple study tools and applications.

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