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Video Interviews for College Admission

Written by CB Experts

Video interviews are common today for job applications, but now more and more colleges and universities are using Skype to interview their applications for college admission because it saves time and money while still providing face-to-face exchange.

Here are some tips for video job interviews that can also help you with your college admission.

Get Ready
• Check your internet connection to make sure you find the best place to conduct your interview without dropping your connection.
• Charge your computer and keep it charging during the interview to avoid draining the battery.
• Make sure your username and profile picture are appropriate.

• Dress as though you are interviewing in person.
• Prepare a neutral background.
• Find a quiet space with no distractions.
• Practice your answers over Skype so you can avoid being stiff.
• Try to relax your body language by practicing Skype interviews or exchanges.
• And, RESEARCH the college you are applying to so you can answer questions and ask questions intelligently.

• Sign onto Skype ten minutes before your interview time to avoid any technical problems.
• Turn off your phone.
• Look into the webcam, not into the monitor, for direct eye contact. Check your own image on your monitor to make sure your head and upper body remain visible throughout.
• Check out all our hints and tips about doing a college interview on our website.

Thank the interviewer in person, but always follow up with a written note or an email to thank the person, and be sure you make that note specific to the school and admission representative.

With video interviews, you might fear awkwardness, but actually a video interview gives you a home court advantage, and you can control your environment and use notes without being obvious about it.

So, Good Luck!

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