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Why Learning languages Will Enhance Your Career Prospects

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In the era of globalization, being multilingual is definitely an advantage. In the United Kingdom alone, the population speaks more than 300 languages.

Language creates a unique connection between people. When someone is able to speak in the same tongue as you, you tend to form a bond with that person. Similarly, when at work, if you are multilingual, you will be able to form a bond with different groups of people. Spanish is the world’s second most spoken native language and therefore, learning it can be an excellent way to enhance your career prospects.

The top 5 most spoken languages across the globe are as follows:

  • Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Arabic

Why study foreign languages?


Knowing two or more languages is an asset for any professional. Many companies are expanding their markets into other countries. You have a higher chance of getting a job abroad if you speak the country’s native language.

Above all, knowing a language besides your native tongue indicates that you are motivated to learn new skills, a trait employers really value. Being multilingual can boost your career and send it in a new direction.

Higher salary

Employees can request a raise in their salaries. Euro London – a language specialist recruitment agency – estimates that having knowledge of a foreign language can increase a person’s salary between 10% and 15%. This is because organizations need foreign speakers to help them access markets in new countries.


If you love traveling, studying a different language can be a great option for you. Organizations like that their employees are able to go to countries and create business for them by using their knowledge of different languages.

Personal benefits

Besides the above-mentioned benefits to your career, you will also gain some personal benefits such as:

  1. Building up your self-confidence
  2. Boosting your creativity
  3. Improving your memory

Jobs you can apply for

Foreign language teacher

Being a teacher is one of the best professions you can have. You can either be an online teacher or base yourself in a school or college. Becoming a private tutor is also a worthwhile option.


Being an interpreter is a tough but very interesting job. You will need to interact with people and be spontaneous and rigorous in your work. Interpreters are required in many big events such as Miss Universe and at international political conferences.


Being a blogger or YouTuber is an up and coming profession. You can run your own video channel and train people to learn new languages. You could also create a blog.

Social media marketing manager

Every business requires social media coverage. The job of a social media manager is to handle the social media accounts. Companies may want to access lots of different audiences, particularly ones who speak different languages.

Besides, the above-mentioned job options you can also look for the following positions:

  • Journalist
  • Tourism officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Consultant

English and Spanish are spoken in many countries around the world. If you are close to Europe then you may be thinking about pursuing English and Spanish courses in London. Choose the language you want to learn and start creating a bright future for yourself.

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