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You Can Only Submit One Deposit to a College on May 1

Written by CB Experts

Some students and their parents contemplate submitting two deposits to go to a university because they are not sure which acceptance to take. But, you should really only submit a deposit and the Intent to Register letter to one university. The Intent to Register is a contract; it promises you will attend in the following fall. You cannot promise two colleges that attendance.

The real questions is why is it so difficult to decide between two acceptances? Here is some help making that choice:

Visit the colleges – The feel of a college is important, and being on the campus and among its students and faculty can tell you a lot. If you are unable to make a visit, talk to students you know who attend the school. If you know no students on that campus, call their admission office, and they can connect you to students or to recent grads of their school in your area.

If it’s financial aid – you can call the financial aid offices of the schools. This is a good idea because if they are waiting for more documentation, you can get that in immediately. Tell them you are deciding between schools; this will speed up their getting you the information you need before May 1.

Evaluate – Sit down and talk through the factors that weigh in a decision choosing a college with your parents and friends. Discuss if it is the brand name that influences you, if the academic program is important, if the location is a factor. Also think ahead. If you have graduate school in mind or a certain career, decide which school will give you the leg up you need.

Note: Can you ever withdraw an Intent to Register? There is one circumstance in which this action is acceptable. If you have been wait listed, accept another college, and are then accepted where you were waited listed, you can withdraw from your second choice; but you will likely lose you deposit.

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