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Stuck at Prom Duct Tape Scholarship Contest

Written by CB Experts

Scholarship Eligibility:

  1. Available to students 14 years and older
  2. Must attend a high school prom in the spring of the current year
  3. Must be a legal resident of the United States or Canada, including the District of Columbia, but excluding Puerto Rico and the Province of Quebec
  4. Must enter the contest as a couple (two individuals) and attend a high school prom wearing the complete attire or accessories made from Duck Brand duct tape
  5. Must submit a color photo showing the couple at the prom wearing the duct tape prom attire creation

Criteria for Selection:  Based on photo and judged to tbe the Best and most creative duct tape prom attire


Amount of Award:  $1000-$3000


Application : Available online


 For More Information:  http://www.stuckatprom.com


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