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The college application is a professional package. We will provide you all the professional tips to make your application a stand out.  Our articles include...

Anatomy of a College Application

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Thanks to CollegeChoice.net for allowing us permission to use their wonderful infographic that provides all of the essential tips on preparing a great application! 



Advice from an Admissions Director about College Applications

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A special thanks to Lauren Magrath, Director of Admissions at Bennington College, for participating in our Admissions Spotlight Interview Series.  Joseph Fernandez from Parliament Tutors conducted this interview

What do you consider the most significant parts of an application, the parts which applicants should prepare the most carefully?  

This is challenging because truly any applicant can shine in any part of the application, it depends on who they are and what they love - different elements open themselves up to the strengths of different applicants.  However, I would say the transcript is the most important element of an application as it speaks to the student's academic trajectory, where they've succeeded and how they've challenged themselves.  The ultimate question for any admission committee is if the student can be academically successful at that college and the transcript is the often the most accurate way to get to the answer.    


Rejection Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Word

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I can still recall the sting of my college rejections. After opening two in a row, I headed to our back porch and cried. I didn't open another response for days, and looked for any excuse to skip school. As the class salutatorian, everyone assumed I'd have no problem getting into whatever college I chose. Now my secret was out – I wasn't smart after all. I felt like a failure, and a phony.


Getting Organized for Winning College Applications

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Are you feeling overwhelmed now that you have gathered together all of your applications and realize how much paperwork is involved in completing applications for ALL of the colleges you have decided to apply to? With multiple forms, numerous essays facing you, and those required deadlines in the not-so-distant future, it is no wonder that you are asking how is it possible to get all of this work done in so little time, especially during the first few months of a hectic senior year.


All the Elements of the College Application

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After you have finished your college visits and interviews, you should have your “ideal” college choices narrowed down to no more than 10 (and preferably 6-8). Now that the hard work of selecting the colleges that you want to apply to is completed, it is time to look at the college application.


The Basics on "Packaging" Your College Application

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Many people smirk at the concept of “packaging” a student in the college application process. But, the hard truth is that because of the overwhelming number of applications read by admissions committees these days, it is critical and even necessary to compile a compelling application and to find a “hook” that will make the application stand out. Furthermore, this “hook” must be effectively presented throughout the application so that the application is deliberate and cohesive; every aspect of the application (the transcript, the essay, the résumé, the recommendations, and even the supplementary material) must all tie together.


10 Tips to Create a Successful College Application

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It is harder and harder to compete for college admission. Beyond  selective colleges even public schools like the University of North Carolina accept only about 30% of applicants. Also, more college-bound students are submitting applications so you will find yourself competing with people who are not even interested in the school you are applying to.


Tricks and Inside Tips for Completing All Your Applications

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You're a senior..finally. You've ordered your class rings high school seniors buy to commemorate their achievement and you're envisioning your senior prom outfit. BUT, WAIT! You have your college applications yet to do. Before you begin completing your college applications, it will help you to review the basic tips provided here to prevent application overload.


Great College Application Resources

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Michele Hernandez, an Ed.D and a former Assistant Director of Admissions at Dartmouth, is well-known for her sound advice about getting into competitive colleges. Her advice comes from years of working in admissions and she believes what she learned about how to get into a selective college should be information for everyone. In her book Acing the College Application: How to Maximize your Chances for Admission to the College of your Choice, Hernandez covers a wide variety of topics in an easy-to-read way that offers terrific tips for applying to college. This book tells all about college applications. It covers the activity sheet, essay writing, what to send and what not to send, as well as types of recommendations and interviewing tips.


Find Out What College Admissions Officers Want

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What are College admissions officers thinking? How can you impress an admission reader with your application? Parliament Tutors is talking with admissions officers from many colleges to find the answers to these questions. Take the time to find out what is and is not important to admissions to help you create your best college applications.


Who's Applying to College with You?

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Did you know how many potential college applicants do research into college before their junior year? Seventy-one percent (71%).


What is a Portfolio and How Does it Fit with my College Application?

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Whether a portfolio is required of you becuase you are applying to a performing arts porgram in college or because it is supplementary material you are submitting with your college application,  your portfolio gives a sampling of your talent and the type of work you take an interest in doing.


How to Submit a Great Art Portfolio with your College Application

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You are required to submit a portfolio of your art work: sculpture, painting, photography, etc. Or, you are considering sending in a portfolio to demonstrate your talent as a supplement to your college application to make your candidacy more competitive. Submitting a portfolio is not easy, and the process probably began in your sophomore or junior year, building your portfolio materials and deciding how to make your portfolio wide-ranging and varied. But, now you have to get it done! What is the best way to present yourself in your portfolio and how do you present yourself well?


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