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College Tour Questions to Ask to Ensure Your Future

Written by CB Experts

College tours are very helpful. They allow you to see first-hand if a college will fit well with you. You will see dorms and dining halls, chat with students you will be rubbing shoulders with, meet faculty members, and get a sense of the town or city where the college is located. This is the time, too, to ask specific questions about courses, programs, and activities, all of which can give you a guide to the type of academic programs and support services that will be available to you at the college.

But, you are also paying a large amount of money over four years for a college to prepare you for your future.

How can you find out how well a college can prepare you? Here are some questions you should include while on a college tour that might help you to determine that.

1. How many students get internships at this college?
2. What is the average pay of graduates when they go into the job market?
3. What is the percent of your graduates that receive good paying jobs within the first year after graduation?
4. How many students graduate within four years?
5. What is your career center like and what services does it offer?
6. Does the college offer mentoring programs?
7. Are alumni connections utilized here and how?
8. Are there career-related student groups on campus?
9. Are there opportunities for your students to build a career network through volunteer programs, work-based learning programs, or flip teaching (learning content outside the class and using that knowledge in class to problem solve)?
10. Do you offer career fairs on campus?

Four years of college should be a great experience for students, but don’t forget after those four years you are own your own. Will this college you choose prepare you for your future?

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