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Getting into College is Only Half the Battle

Written by CB Experts

We know right now seniors from all over are battling the college application, and we know it’s very stressful. But, wait! Getting into college is only half the battle because once you are in, you have to stay in–or all this stress was worth nothing. Perhaps, you should stop a moment and consider what will factor into your staying in college, which is, after all, your real aim.

Jonathan Whitmore looks at the sobering statistics of college dropout rates. One in four freshmen will drop out of college before the end of their sophomore year, and half of all freshman will drop out before completing their degree! Why? There are many problems freshmen face: academic challenges, adjustment to being away from home, finances, time management, independence. Whitmore’s article is very helpful because he reviews six reasons for leaving and gives strategies for overcoming the problem. For example, one reason students leave is failure to join in. Whitmore’s article suggests activities to be involved with.

Also you should check out a couple sections from College Basics about the first year of college, both helpful hints and adjusting.


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