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Juniors, What Should You Do This Summer?

Written by CB Experts

Colleges are looking for passion. If you want to stand out as a college applicant, you need to be more than a great student and athlete. You also have to show your stuff beyond your school and beyond the classroom.

Summer programs vary greatly and offer broad opportunities, so there really is something for everyone. From working, to travel, and every possibility in between,  all of them can help you show your passion and uniqueness.

Leadership programs are always a good bet for your summer. They can help you build skills that demonstrate your passion about different subject areas and interests. For example, you can develop positive thinking attributes for sales, teaching, or political career interests. You can hone interpersonal communication skills if you’re interested in either business or marketing careers. You can polish your strengths in general in order to make it possible to pursue your specials interests and encourage others to follow along with you. At the same time you will be able to network in leadership programs as well as explore career opportunities for your future.

KPMG Campus offers a number of different programs, including a leadership program. If you’re looking for something with a bit more variety, MySummerCamps has a huge selection of different academic and pre-college options that include military academy experience, debate, public speaking, and even backpacking.


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