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Should You be Thinking about a Double Major?

Written by CB Experts

The new trend at colleges is for students to double major. One reason is the practical degrees such as business, which have been popular since the 1960’s, are no longer as applicable for the flux of jobs created in a rapidly changing global economy. More and more students are trying to get both practical knowledge as well as the broad-range skills that come from a liberal arts education.

The addition of a wide base of skills is the best insurance for preparing for their future. In fact, there are more double majors in the elite colleges. At MIT, for example, the number of double majored has doubled in the last ten years.

So what kinds of double majors should you be thinking about?

  • Most students who major in STEM areas try to pick a non-science major to broaden their appeal as employees.
  • Although many double majors tend to pick majors that complement each other and also have the same requirements, unrelated majors give a student more depth.
  • Two popular second majors to add appeal are economics and foreign language.

It has been found that double majors do not usually take more semesters and that a double major also allows at student to get more for his/her tuition dollars.

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