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The Pros and Cons of Using an Electric Scooter as Transportation in College

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Electric scooters are now perceived as a very practical and efficient way to move around cities. As we have noted before, scooters are also used now by students to get around on campus.

If you are interested in purchasing a device of this type, and you want to make an informed decision, here is a list of pros and cons you should take into account:

The Pros of Using an Electric Scooter

They are Lightweight and Practical

Just like the scooter boards we used to use as kids, electric scooters stand out because they are lightweight. Most of the models that you can find for sale weigh between 20 to 25 pounds.

However, this might vary depending on the size of the scooter as well as on the type of battery that it runs on.

On top of that, these devices are very much practical because they have a foldable design. So, if you are short on space, a scooter that you can collapse and place under your desk in your dorm room is just what you need.

As a plus, you can also take your scooter with you when you go to class because you do not have to leave it outside, as it happens in the case of bikes or mopeds.

They Require Little Maintenance

Another aspect that recommends these devices is the fact that they require little to no maintenance. Differently from cars that need to have their oil changed, their breaks checked and their fuel filters replaced often, looking after an electric scooter is a breeze.

All you need to do to keep your scooter in working condition is to recharge it whenever necessary, to tighten the screws once every couple of months and to lube its moving parts if this is necessary.

Buying a scooter is also a budget-friendly decision. According to the experts, when compared to a car, an electric scooter has a rather low ownership cost per mile.

The Cons of Using an Electric Scooter

Price and Safety

Even though you won’t have to pay a lot to use and to maintain your scooter, buying it in the first place is an entirely different conversation.

Because new electric scooters are expensive – that is, if you decide to invest in a high-quality one that will pass the test of time – you might have to save for a few months before you can afford one.

This is the case, primarily because of the high cost of the battery that a device of this sort runs on.

Safety is another concern that many point to when it comes to scooters. In order to stay safe while using one, you have to wear protective gear and to pay close attention to the other traffic participants. Still, this also means that you have to pay extra money buying the said protective equipment.

According to statistics, scooter-related injuries soared by no less than 222% from 2014 to 2018. This dramatic rise has been possible because of the high number of scooter users on the roads.

However, provided that you ride carefully and that you pay attention to the regulations, you will be able to avoid accidents that result in injuries.

It Does Not Encourage You to Exercise

Given that operating an electric scooter does not imply much physical activity, you won’t be encouraged to exercise while using one.

So, if you do not need an electric scooter that you can use to travel for at least 2 to 3 miles, you should get a regular scooter.

This way, you will pay less and you’ll also stay in shape. If you need to travel for more than 5 miles, a car might be better suited for you.

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